Check in-out. Please check-in after 4PM and out by 11AM. If you need to adjust this, please ask and we will try to accommodate.

Pets. Dogs within reason are welcome. You should not allow them to roam.

Parking. You may drive back to the cabin to load and unload but please park on the gravel. Snow removal is limited so recommend staying in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill if snow is forecast.  

Door. The door will automatically relock itself when you close it. To disable this and leave the door unlocked all the time, turn the bottom inside thumb latch below the deadbolt latch.

Cooking. There is a small refrigerator-freezer, hot plate, microwave and coffee pot. There is an outdoor propane grill. There is toilet paper, paper towels and coffee filters. Also coffee. Waste baskets have plastic bags but no extras. No dinnerware-drinkware so you would need paper and plastic.   Some ice and a chest may also be handy as the refrigerator is small and only has 2 ice trays.

Grounds. You may explore from but not into the tree line north (neighbors), to the road south and west to the tree line. You may fish in the pond by the shelter. Our record is a 23”, 7.5 pound bass with a 16” girth. Public restrooms nearby.

Linens. We will clean the unit and linens and towels after your departure or weekly or upon your request. Trash can be placed in the dumpster located in the main parking lot.

Water. There is city water but please conserve your water usage.  There is an outside spigot and hose and a hydrant.

Firepit. There is a fire pit but firewood not always at the cabin. There is firewood available in the main parking lot.

HVAC. There is a Heat Pump HVAC, wall heater, air conditioner and overhead fans. The bathroom tile floor is heated. Please pull the living room chair away from the wall heater if you use it.

TV-Internet.  HDTV Off Air Channels, Roku stick and a DVD player inside the fireplace shelf. Use the INPUT button on the TV remote to change. WiFi is available on the ScoutCabin network.

Please no smoking inside, smoke outside. 

Guests are responsible for damages other than normal wear and tear and facilities failures.  Notify management at check-in if there are damages. Damages and missing items will be repaired or replaced at management’s option and an itemized list of charges will be provided to the guest for payment.  Indiana Administrative Code applies.

Bed. King size bed which can be converted to Twin XL’s. Let us know if you would like the Twin configuration. To change from Twin to King:

1) Push two twin beds together closely.

2) With Velcro side up, place the narrow filler pad over the gap between the two beds.

3) Place wider fabric over the filler pad with the white side facing up.

4) At each end of the white pad there are 3 loops. Choose the loops that best fit the length of your bed.

5) After threading the belt through the loops, buckle the ends of the belt together.

6) Tighten the belt by pulling the loose end of the strap.