Arrival. You may unload/load your bags in front of the Inn. There is a luggage cart in the foyer closet, should you need one. Please park in the parking lot north of the Inn and Innkeepers residence.

Entry.  Look for an envelope with your name on it on the music stand in the foyer. Please sign the guest book.

Rooms.  The rooms are located on the second floor. The stairs are to the left of the lobby. Or you may use the elevator located in the lobby, to the right.

Door. The door will automatically relock itself when you close it. To disable this and force the door to be unlocked all the time, turn the knob above the inside door handle.

HVAC. The large units hanging on the wall are heat pumps and air conditioners. The thermostats on the wall are the controller. Please just select “Too Warm” or “Too Cold” to adjust the temperature. The overhead fans help stabilize the temperature.  It works best to let them run all the time.

Fireplace-heat. Use the remote to control the fireplace and its electric heater.

TV. Local channels are available.  Internet TV is also available but streaming is not always high quality.

Internet. WiFi network called ”Inn”. Being Rural, our internet service is wireless and limited.

Bath Floor Heat. Automatic, enjoy.

Septic. The Inn is on a septic system. Please do not flush anything down the toilet except waste. Please no grease down the drains.  Use paper towels to absorb.

Fishing. Our little lake is fully stocked. No license required.  Our record is a 24”, 6 pound Bass with a 16” girth.

Coffee, Food, drinks, condiments and snacks are provided for your convenience.  Your housekeepers try keep them stocked from the Honor Jar located in the refrigerator.  Bring your own to be sure you have what you want.