Door. The door will automatically relock itself when you close it. To disable this and leave the door unlocked all the time, turn the bottom inside thumb latch below the deadbolt latch.  If you do lock yourself out, there is a key under the red milk can. Please put it back.

HVAC. The large unit hanging on the east wall is a heat pump and air conditioner. The thermostat on the wall by the bedroom door is the controller. Please just select “Too Warm” or “Too Cold” to adjust the temperature. The overhead fan helps stabilize the temperature especially in the loft.  Best to let it run all the time. It helps to point the controller at the wall unit when changing the temperature. Use “Powerful” for 15 minutes bursts of high cooling. If you need more cooling, set the fan speed up and adjust the vanes to blow the air on you.

Loft: Nice in the winter but can get hot in the summer. Run the fan in the loft to move air to living room. Run the overhead fan on high and let it push that air down into the cool air. The cool air will get moved into the loft.

Fireplace-heat. There is a door above the opening that has the controls. You can use it just for show or turn the heater on for additional heat. Under extreme cold or power outages, use the wall propane heater.  Instructions attached.

TV. Local digital broadcast TV, ROKU internet TV, Blu-ray Player. 

Internet. WiFi open network called “GPCottage”. Being Rural, our internet feed is wireless and limited.

Bath Floor Heat. Automatic, enjoy.

Septic. The Cottage is on a septic system. Please do not flush anything down the toilet except waste. Please no grease down the drains.  Use paper towels to absorb.

Fishing. The small pond was stocked in 2013. Across the road is an older, larger and fully stocked pond. Our record is a 24”, 6 pound Bass with a 16” girth. There are fishing poles and tackle in the porch bench and at the shelter. Enjoy both ponds. Hook removal pliers in silverware drawer.

Fire pit. Please be safe and enjoy a fire. We try to provide firewood but may not. Firestarter in the bench.

Grilling. Wood grilling in the fire pit or gas in the grill. Lighter in the bench.  Please turn the gas off at the tank when done.

Coffee, Food, drinks, condiments and snacks are provided for your convenience.  Your housekeepers try keep them stocked from the Honor Jar located in the refrigerator.  Bring your own to be sure you have what you want.

Trash. There is a dumpster in the main parking lot across the road. Do not leave trash outside or you will have furry visitors.

Bugs. We spray weekly and have traps but we live in the woods.